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Bifurcated Hose for MM-600 VacuTherapy Machine


Replacement bifurcated hose for use with the MM-600 VacuTherapy machine.

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Our bifurcated hose is intended for use with the MM-600 VacuTherapy machine. This is the same hose that is already included with the MM-600, but may be used with many other types of machines. In addition to working with the cups included with the MM-600, this bifurcated hose may also be used with many other cups available on the market today. Through internal testing here at ACE, we’ve found that the flexible connectors on the bifurcated ends of the hose will fit a wide range of cups. Please note that we have found this hose to be incompatible with some of the larger cups included with the MC-600 VacuTherapy machine.

These hoses are made of a thick material that is very durable and extremely flexible. To use this hose as a single line, practitioners will want to clamp down on one of the bifurcated hose sections to create a single line instead of a bifurcated one. Clamps can be special-ordered from ACE by calling us at 828-232-1622.


Straight hose section: 55 inches
Two bifurcated hose sections: 19 inches
Total straight length: Approximately 6 1/2 feet