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Please note: This membership is an extension to our certification program for ACE Massage Cupping™ practitioners and MediCupping™ practitioners. If you have not yet become an ACE certified practitioner, your details will not be listed on our website and you will not receive a blog password. To become an ACE certified practitioner, students may attend one of our workshops, complete an online course, or complete a training DVD.

For a small one time fee, practitioners gain access to a wealth of valuable content and features that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. Cupping therapy practitioners from around the world will be able to expand their knowledge by accessing our members only ACE Massage Cupping™ Question & Answer Series blogs. Members will be able to learn new tricks by one of our Certified Massage Cupping Educators (CMCE) as they tackle questions submitted by practitioners.

In addition, certified ACE Massage Cupping™ and MediCupping™ practitioners will unlock additional features on our brand new Practitioner Locator. Members will be able to submit additional details for their listing, which will help their practice stand out from the crowd.

Standard Practitioner Details: Association Membership Practitioner Details:
Practitioner Name (First & Last, no business names) Practitioner Name (First & Last, no business names)
City / State / Zip City / State / Zip
License Number License Number
Phone Number Phone Number
ACE Certification Type ACE Certification Type
Full Business Address 
Website Link
Email Link
Hours of Operation
Business Description (300 characters max)
Business Logo (max size: 200 x 140)

By submitting these additional details, practitioners gain extra screen real estate on the search results below the map, giving them a competitive advantage in their area. In addition, in areas with lots of competition in the same zip code, submitting your full address moves your pin on the map to a new position. Where you may have been covered up by multiple practitioners in the same zip code, now you’re practice is even easier to locate on the map.

Finally, members will automatically be signed up to our exclusive mailing list, where we’ll communicate upcoming events, sales, and other ACE Massage Cupping™ related news.

Upon purchase of this membership, you’ll receive an email with a link to download your welcome packet. This file may be retrieved in the future by visiting My Account.