Cupping Therapy Glossary of Terms

Traditional Cupping Therapies

 These techniques are time tested and true, with amazing results that have been documented for thousands of years.

  • Traditional use has been multicultural, with clear records from early Egypt, China and Greece. This spread through Africa and the eastern European cultures, and was also used by the natives of America.
  • American doctors carried cupping sets into the early 20th century, and the breast pump developed from this era.
  • The most prevalent use has been in Traditional Chinese Medicine and requires knowledge of TCM theory.
ACE Massage Cupping™ Bodywork

This unique brand of bodywork uses suction to lift tissue as the cup moves. Techniques are performed using manual cups.

  • This creates space and separation in the tissues that allows the therapist to work more effectively and comfortably on the client.
  • ACE Massage Cupping™ is a specific set of movements that the trained practitioner uses in different combinations to quickly facilitate elimination of debris and release of rigid soft tissues.
  • The movements and techniques stay within the boundaries of professional licensing and may be adapted to almost any modality that the therapist has training in.
  • The only limitation is the creativity of the therapist!
MediCupping™ Therapy

Based on the foundation and structure of ACE Massage Cupping™ therapy, the practitioner now has an adjustable machine that performs the static suction and multiple pumping modes.

  • This allows the therapist to have both hands on the client, which is very important when addressing certain conditions such as lymphatic drainage and scar work.
  • Vacuum gauge on the machine allows for data to be used by the therapist to replicate results and to be collected for research.
  • Prevents repetitive movements for the practitioner from use of manual vacuum pumps.
  • Medical Grade and Therapeutic Grade equipment available.
  • Training and support in applications of MediCupping™ therapy for medical conditions.

Based on the foundation of ACE Massage Cupping™ bodywork, this is a selection of safe equipment for client home use. TheraCupping™ is also the name of our parent company!

  • A great way to empower people in their own recovery and wellness, the equipment comes with an educational DVD and is best used when the client has also been trained by the practitioner.
  • Great for “Family Home Care” events where the therapist can train groups of clients … and potential clients … in the use of these cups for their own health and wellness.

This term is used to name a genre of bodywork that uses suction and an “active cup” to facilitate homeostasis.

Vacuum Manual Therapies™

This term says it all. The purpose of using the vacuum is to perform manual therapy techniques while lifting and separating bound fascia structures and other restrictions:

  • Soft Tissue – fascia, muscle, attachments, scar tissue
  • Stagnation – lymph, old blood and old debris, inflammation
  • Joints- inflammation, dehydration, restrictions
  • Body Fluids- Lymphatic and blood flow, congestion, restrictions
  • Organs- inflammation, loss of elasticity and tone, i.e. peristalsis

“Intentuition” is a foundation of knowledge that determines intention, added to the sensory and extra-sensory input of the therapist, that combines intuition with knowledge.  

  • The tool becomes an extension of the therapist.
    • Many therapists will feel no boundary with the cup and can feel “issues in the tissues” even more so than with the bare hand.
    • The cup can “magnify” the tissue, making it easier to “read,” as well as send and collect energy.
  • “Intentuition” allows the therapist to customize the treatments for each individual.
  • The therapist will become skilled in judging the duration of the treatment by listening to the body “talk” through the cups.
    • Clear cups allow for observation of tissue to reveal conditions such as restrictions, stagnation and inflammation.
    • The cups will often stop in areas that need attention and show the direction of restriction.
  • Therapists can develop new techniques that combine multiple movements, or new movements that show themselves through creativity. The possibilities are unlimited when the mind and body are open.
“The Active Cup”

“The Active Cup” is the approach to bodywork using VacuTherapies™ that keeps the cup dynamic instead of static.

  • Movements can be sedating or stimulating.
  • Static placement of cups draws stagnation to an area. In bodywork, our goal is to disperse stagnation. Static placement of the cups is any cup placement that stays on the same spot for over 3 minutes. Once this boundary is crossed, the therapist should have a solid foundation in Traditional Chinese Medical theory.
  • “Parking” a cup for under 3 minutes keeps an “active cup” designation when used for the following:
    • Trigger point or neuro-lymphatic point work
    • Manipulating a joint while attachments are lifted
    • Two-cup soft tissue traction or fascia release techniques
    • “Flash Cupping”
    • Specific scar release techniques that allow the parked cup to facilitate separation of tissue from bone or other soft tissue.
  • All other techniques of ACE Massage Cupping™ bodywork, MediCupping™ and TheraCupping™ are movements that are facilitated directly by the hand of the practitioner or self.