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Continuing Education

Online Courses

ACE offers introductory online courses in both ACE Massage Cupping and MediCupping. These courses give students a solid understanding of both therapies and include multiple hours of training videos that students may review as many times as they like. Our online courses are suitable for beginners looking to learn the art of cupping therapy for the first time. Existing practitioners who are looking to brush up on their skills will also find great value in the training videos.

Introductory Online Courses

Learn to Use Traditional Manual Cups

ACE Massage Cupping
Learn ACE Massage Cupping Therapy

This course introduces students to ACE Massage Cupping therapy, with techniques performed using traditional manual cups. 12 NCBTMB CEUs.

If you need equipment, this course is also included as part of our ACE Massage Cupping starter sets.

If you already have equipment, this course is available as a standalone online course.

Learn to Use a Vacuum Therapy Machine

Learn How to Use a Vacuum Therapy Machine

This course introduces students to the modern style of MediCupping therapy, with techniques performed using a VacuTherapy Machine. 12 NCBTMB CEUs.

If you need equipment, this course is also included as part of our MediCupping starter sets.

If you already have equipment, this course is available as a standalone online course.

Advanced Online Courses

Learn How To Integrate Stretching Techniques with Cupping Therapy

Stretching with Cupping

Stretching with Cupping is an intensive, advanced-level class utilizing cupping with various forms of stretching. Combining cupping with isometric, isotonic, active, passive, dynamic, and pin-hold stretching techniques creates a powerful and dynamic therapeutic session.

Learn How to Treat Knee Conditions with Integrated Manual Therapy and Cupping

Kinetic Chain Patterns Causing Complicated Knee Conditions

Manual Therapists will thoroughly understand why over 90% of knee pain comes from the foot and hip. Through Gait Analysis, Functional Movement Screening, and thorough Orthopedic Assessment, this seminar will show therapists how a high arch or flat foot will cause the loss of the normal stirrup spring system.

In-Person Workshops

Each year, ACE holds 50+ workshops around the world. We offer classes throughout the United States, Ireland, France, and Trinidad & Tobago.

In-Person Cupping Therapy Workshops

12 – 32 NCBTMB CEUs

The hands-on, in-person workshops taught by our Certified Massage Cupping Educators (CMCE) are the most comprehensive and modern classes in the cupping therapy industry. Students receive valuable instruction and hands-on experience that will help transform their practice. In-person ACE workshops are designed to give each student a working knowledge of ACE Massage Cupping and MediCupping, a revolutionary and modern style of cupping therapy.

Upcoming Workshops

Take your practice to the next level by attending one of our fun and informative in-person workshops. Click the button above to view our calendar of upcoming cupping therapy workshops.

Continuing Education with ACE Massage Cupping and MediCupping

Are you a healthcare professional looking for a fun and convenient way to earn CEUs to renew your license? ACE offers a number of exciting options for you to earn NCBTMB Distance Learning CEUs. Beginners looking to integrate modern styles of cupping therapy into their practice will be right at home in our ACE Massage Cupping Level 1 or MediCupping Level 1 in-person workshops. We also offer higher-level ACE VacuTherapies Level 2 in-person workshops for existing practitioners who want to build upon the Level 1 fundamentals they’re already using in their practice.

Want to train your entire staff? Contact to inquire about hosting an ACE educator training session at your practice.