Glass Facial Cupping Set


An incredible tool for facial drainage and lifting. This Hungarian-made set includes 3 small cups sizes and a larger size cup to work the neck and shoulders for the ultimate treatment!

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4-Piece Facial Cupping Set: Medical Glass & Easy Glide Suction

  • Effective Facial Rejuvenation: Experience the benefits of facial cupping with this 4-piece set. Improve lymphatic drainage and promote a youthful appearance for a radiant complexion.
  • Medical-Grade Glass Cups: These easy-to-clean cups ensure a smooth glide and optimal hygiene.
  • Hypoallergenic & Dependable Suction: The PVC plastisol coated rubber bulbs are gentle on your hands and provide consistent suction for effective treatment.
  • Targeted Size Options: The set includes 4 cups in varying diameters (0.43” to 2.0”) for precise application on different facial areas. While designed for facial cupping, these cups can also be used on the neck, legs, and shoulders


  • 0.43” diameter (11 mm)
  • 0.78” diameter (20 mm)
  • 1.3” diameter (33 mm)
  • 2.0” diameter (50 mm)

Cleaning Safety: