Polycarbonate Cup Set for VacuTherapy Machines


This is the set that you’ve been waiting for, an affordable, versatile, and well-made cup set that works with your existing machine. Includes cups in various sizes from small to medium that are perfect for the face, hands, feet, and everything in-between.

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This 20-piece set includes two hoses and 18 polycarbonate cups that will add a lot of versatility to your collection without breaking the bank when compared to glass cups. Originally included as part of our MM-600 VacuTherapy Machine, we’ve made this set available separately for use with any machine. The hoses included in this set have special tips that also allow this cup set to be used any of the machines we sell, as well as many machines available from other retailers.

As an optional add-on to this set, we also offer a set of small and medium sized hose clamps that allow the bifurcated to be used as a straight hose if needed. This enables you to use advanced techniques using dual cups and convert to using a single cup without needing to switch hoses.


  • 18 cups in sizes ranging from medium to small
  • 1 large-tipped flexible straight hose
  • 1 large-tipped flexible bifurcated hose
  • (optional) 2 hose clamps for use with bifurcated hose
Compatible Machines:
Compatible Hose:
Cleaning Safety: