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Cumberland, Maryland

In-Person Workshop:

Cupping as a Manual Therapy

Learn from ACE educator Eddie Souza at this in-person workshop that introduces cupping therapy techniques using manual cupping therapy cups. This workshop is suitable for beginners.

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March 14 All day




  • Phone: 301-784-5341


Eddie Souza



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Cumberland, MD

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Workshop Description

Cupping as a Manual Therapy


Course Description

Take your treatments to a new level by incorporating cupping as a manual therapy! Learn basic techniques for safe and innovative therapies that achieve amazing results and do not leave marks! This workshop includes theory and applications, with plenty of hands on activity to practice. You will also leave with new assessment skills that become fundamental to customizing the work for each person you treat.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Verify contraindications to using cupping as a manual therapy.
  • Utilize a solid set of evaluation criteria for assessments.
  • Utilize observational skills for additional assessment.
  • Identify the physiological effects of cupping as a manual therapy.
  • Understand the potential reactions clients may experience.
  • Learn seven basic movements using the cup as manual therapy.
  • Perform a treatment on the back and neck.
  • Perform a treatment on the posterior and lateral leg, and ribcage.
  • List the after-care suggestions for clients.
Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate proficiency in basic ACE Massage Cupping techniques, and gain the ability to assess potential issues through a solid set of evaluation criteria and observation of tissue during the cupping treatment. Students will leave class with a basic routine to begin working, and knowledge of the effects of cupping as a manual therapy to customize treatments as they gain more experience.