Electromagnetic Cupping Therapy TENS Device Set


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The Electromagnetic Cupping Therapy TENS device integrates the functions of electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, acupuncture, and ACE Massage Cupping to stimulate nerve and muscle tissue, promote blood circulation, and produce anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects on the body. Electromagnetic controller features an advanced, low frequency pulse control chip, which is safe, comfortable, and convenient.

The portable design makes the kit great for travel and only requires the included TENS device to produce an electromagnetic pulse. Silicone cups are made of food grade silicone and include various sizes appropriate for the entire body.

This product has been approved by FDA and CE.

Demonstration Video

Included in Kit

  • Electromagnetic Cupping Therapy TENS Device
  • 6 Silicone Cups
    • Small (2)
    • Medium (2)
    • Large (2)
  • Conductive Pads (4)
  • Conductive Wires (2)
  • Instruction Booklet

Cleaning Safety: