Glass Facial Cupping Set


An incredible tool for facial drainage and lifting. This Hungarian-made set includes 3 small cups sizes and a larger size cup to work the neck and shoulders for the ultimate treatment!

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These high-quality glass facial massage cups are an excellent choice for your facial cupping needs. Cup reservoirs are hand-made of medical glass; cylinders to create a vacuum are made of PVC plastisol which is hypo-allergenic.

Each set contains 4 cups measuring 3.5” (90 mm) long (with rubber bulb) but of varying diameters: (1) 0.43” diameter (11 mm), (1) 0.78” diameter (20 mm), (1) 1.3” diameter (33 mm) and (1) 2.0” diameter (50 mm). The set comes in a cardboard box. While intended for facial cupping treatment, they may also be used for neck, legs, and shoulders.

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