May 2019 Cupping Therapy Workshops

Help your practice bloom this May by joining us at one of our exciting in-person cupping therapy workshops. For more information on a specific class, click the links below.

There are no upcoming events.


One response to “May 2019 Cupping Therapy Workshops”

  1. bncangela

    I have just recently received my certification in medicupping. I have practiced massage therapy for 24 years and recently gained a new client that has sever venous ulcers on his right leg and semi minor on the left. In all my years I have not worked on anyone that has this condition. We are babystepping through some things first…diet, mild cardio and topical medicinal remedies. I would be most grateful to know what the safest medicupping protocol would be in approaching this delicate situation, Note he is currently on 5mg of Warfarin which he wants to request to his doctor to wean off and consider eliquis instead and hopefully get off blood thinner all together.

    Thank you so much for your time and help.


    Angela Hidalgo