“Get Sucked In” – Edu-Talk Interview

Anita J. Shannon Edu-Talk Series Hosted by Biotone

Did you miss Biotone’s live Edu-Talk series with Anita J. Shannon that was held this week? Fear not, the team at Biotone has the full talk ready for you to enjoy.

Biotone Edu-Talk Series Information

“Schools, Students and LMTs, you’re invited to the new EDU-TALK SERIES of quick, 20-30 minute informative Zoom calls presented by BIOTONE EDU-Partner program and massage industry experts. Listen and learn as experts share their professional knowledge for career success.”

Biotone’s ongoing Edu-Talk Series features over a dozen informative talks featuring leading industry experts. More talks are planned throughout 2021, so be sure to follow them to stay up to date on the latest information about upcoming events.

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