How to Get Started with Vacuum Therapy

One of the most frequent questions we receive is how to start using vacuum therapy in your practice. Learning vacuum therapy and integrating it into your practice is easier than you might think thanks to our industry-leading equipment and courses. ACE’s MediCupping therapy uses a vacuum therapy machine and combines advanced massage therapy techniques with traditional cupping therapy. By integrating massage therapy techniques with cupping therapy, MediCupping vacuum therapy enhances the beneficial qualities of both modalities without introducing any unwanted side-effects for clients.

Benefits of Working with a Vacuum Therapy Machine

Using a vacuum therapy machine to perform cupping therapy techniques also offers a number of useful benefits to the practitioner. Our MediCupping vacuum therapy machines include pressure gauges that allow the practitioner to dial-in the precise amount of suction each and every time. Being able to monitor suction pressure gives the practitioner the ability to track their client’s improvements over numerous sessions and also helps the practitioner to find and maintain a good suction tolerance for some client’s sensitive skin. Ensuring that the machine produces a precise level of suction can be especially important for clients with certain medical conditions that cause their skin to be very thin and prone to damage. In addition, vacuum therapy machines take a significant amount of strain off the practitioner because the machine provides the suction instead of the practitioner needing to manually pump cups by hand.

What Vacuum Therapy Equipment Do I Need to Get Started with MediCupping?

ACE offers a number of vacuum therapy machines that are suitable for any skill level ranging from beginner to expert. ACE MediCupping vacuum therapy machines include all of the cups, hoses, and basic accessories that you’ll need to begin learning and performing MediCupping vacuum therapy. Each machine also includes a comprehensive, intro-level MediCupping online course that introduces students to MediCupping concepts, equipment, and techniques. In addition, all vacuum therapy machines we sell include a 1 year warranty from the date of delivery.

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How to Earn Your MediCupping Vacuum Therapy Certification

While we recommend that new students purchase one of the machines above that includes an online course ($40 exam and certification available separately), we understand that some practitioners already have a vacuum therapy machine that they’ll be using. In this case, earning your vacuum cupping therapy certification is still very simple. ACE offers in-person workshops and online courses that introduce students to the concepts and techniques of MediCupping vacuum therapy. Depending on the workshop, students will earn between 8 – 32 NCTMB CEUs.

In-Person Vacuum Therapy Courses

Online Vacuum Therapy Courses

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