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Thank you for joining us for another installment of our Cupping Therapy Q&A Series. Here, we feature clinical questions submitted to us by ACE Massage Cupping Therapy practitioners. Our educators offer some brief insight on the topic so that you can expand your working knowledge on this revolutionary bodywork therapy and its benefits.


I’m a podiatrist and treat people with foot pathology all day long, so I had some questions. Besides the obvious treatments for foot and ankle sprains, could cupping therapy help with neuropathy, vascular complications, and ulcers?

Also, I was wondering if this could conservatively treat some biomechanical issues such as bunions and hammertoes, plantar fasciitis and tendinitis. That might be a stretch! Can cupping therapy be used to free up some tendons and ligaments that might be bound down?


Massage Cupping can do all of the above if the practitioner is well educated. I have used the cups for decades and see a lot of these things.

There are usually hip and spine-related distresses that contribute to the problem. We would generally recommend treating the back as well. I just finished teaching a Lymphatic Balancing / ACE Massage Cupping Intensive workshop, and we treated Plantar Fasciitis with dramatic results in just 5 minutes! Follow up sessions are usually necessary. I had one lady in with Plantar Fasciitis that could hardly walk and one session got her on her feet! I saw her a few more times and she was doing really well. I would encourage you to take a class and you will see what applications you will have!

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ACE would highly recommend Kinetic Chain Patterns for Complicated Knee Conditions online course for students interested in treating foot and leg-related issues.

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