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Thank you for joining us for another installment of our Cupping Therapy Q&A Series. Here, we feature clinical questions submitted to us by ACE Massage Cupping Therapy practitioners. Our educators offer some brief insight on the topic so that you can expand your working knowledge on this revolutionary bodywork therapy and its benefits.


I have been working with several clients who have had tummy tucks many years after having a C-section. If I understand in the tummy tuck the tissue is separated from the body and pulled down and excess skin removed. Then, the client wears the body garment to reattach the skin to the abdomen. What precautions should be used with these individuals? Is the skin compromised in any fashion? Could cupping detach or loosen the skin in any way?

What about with breast lifts? Are there any concerns there? Could the scars in the breast lift be serving the purpose of holding up the breast tissue? I feel comfortable working with the reductions and softening the scars.


Just as with any post-surgical application, unless you have a doctor’s consent, it’s usually best to wait four to six weeks to begin with very light applications. This is just as they are recommended to receive lymph drainage post-surgery. The only time you should increase suction should be as the tissue receives this gentle work comfortably, and even then nothing adhesive is necessary. Yes, string suction can damage new scar tissue, but cumulative, regular cup work at this point will learn scar tissue from forming in the first place. Rather, it will encourage good tissue connection.

The same thought process should be used for breast-lifting care. In fact, this can probably be said for any initial application of post-surgical cupping therapy treatments.

Additionally, the bifurcated suction and release a few weeks after you start that initial post-surgical care will help to maintain the tissue’s position, as well as the health of mammary tissue.

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