Peter Downey – ACE Office Staff

Peter Downey



  • Joined ACE in 2012
  • Lead Software Engineer
  • DevOps
  • WordPress Expert
  • Linux Systems Administrator
  • Open Source Software Developer
  • E-Commerce Consultant
  • Learning Management System Consultant
  • SEO Consultant

Peter Downey is the lead software engineer at ACE. Based in the Orlando, FL area, Peter originally joined ACE in 2012 to oversee a total redesign of the main ACE website, Peter has become an integral part of the ACE team by providing support in various departments within ACE including software development, web design, graphic design, social media management, online marketing, and server administration.

In 2016, Peter successfully spearheaded the design and launch of ACE’s revolutionary online education site, ACE Institute Online. In addition to his other development roles within ACE, Peter is responsible for day to day operations of running ACE Institute Online.

Peter’s projects within ACE also allow him time to give back to the WordPress, Nginx, OpenSSL, and Linux open source software communities, which are a core part of the network of sites ACE has built over the years. As part of ACE’s long-term commitment to open source software, many of these projects are hosted in GitHub repositories that are free to the public to use or contribute to. Over the years, Peter’s participation in such projects has helped fix critical bugs and improve features in numerous publicly available applications.

In addition to his duties at ACE, Peter operates as a freelance WordPress developer and E-Commerce consultant in the Orlando, FL area. For more information, visit

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