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Certified Practitioner Testimonials

“I purchased a set of magnet cups at the national convention. A young client has a scar (approx. as deep as my little finger and about two thirds as long) that has been a problem for him due to multiple shoulder surgeries for a college football injury. I have been making slow progress on the scar, but when I used the magnets it softened much more rapidly, the dark color faded, and he was impressed. As I continued his massage he asked if he could “play” with the big magnet on the scar. He placed the magnet cup back on the scar. I was working on his foot, the scar tissue in his shoulder was popping as it was breaking up – and he excitedly asked, “Can you hear that?” I said, “I can, it’s amazing.” We still have a lot of work to do to get all the scar out, but the magnet cupping will cut the time dramatically.”

– D. Brunson (Tennessee)

“I took your classes in Colorado this fall. I can’t tell you how much I have used the cupping. My clients love it and the results are amazing. Also, do you know when you might do a workshop on magnetic cupping? Once again I really enjoyed the workshop. You’re an excellent teacher.”

– Cindy Eberle (Texas)

“I just love you!! I am absolutely in support of your professional efforts. How profound is it to adapt and ancient modality to fit in the scope of massage practice? Loved the workshop. Keep in touch.”

– Jackie Wayda, LMT (Ohio)

“Just wanted to let you know that I have been working on a protocol with the facelift cupping and other ACE products and getting phenomenal results with clients. Every one of them has purchased the ACE home care products. We are getting comments like…

“My skin has never felt this good since I was 30 ( she’s over 60) and I don’t think it even really felt this good then either.”

“My skin feels as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I can’t stop touching it! It feels so smooth.”

Thank you so much for the technique. This is exactly what I needed to take this to the next level. Many thanks again.”

– Debra Clydesdale (California)

 “Several wonderful experiences that I am having from cupping therapy…

Every single fibromyalgia patient is responding wonderfully from the treatment. They each relate how much more relaxed they feel.

One person’s nightly sweating episode while sleeping has stopped.

Another experience I would like to share with you is a lady who has these unusual bump-like nodules throughout her legs (unlike lipomas) all her life. She has been coming to me weekly for about 5 years. I have on several occasions asked various massage instructors about this particular lady’s health and wondered what I can do to smooth it out, if possible. No one knew what these nodular growths were; it was like a mystery case. Only one instructor thought that maybe there was something wrong with her lymphatic system and recommended me to diligently try manual lymph drainage massage on her. Well, after trying about three of these treatments consecutively, with no palpable improvements whatsoever, I felt helpless in this particular case about the abnormal nodule bumps. However, GET THIS, after only one “cupping therapy” her legs are normal feeling. Even the patient realized how smooth it felt and she called this a “miracle.” Wow! her system must have been terribly clogged. She was the only patient to report being sore for three days in a row. Amazing, isn’t it? She said that soreness was all worth the result though.”

– H.S. LMBT (Hendersonville, NC)

“First, sorry about the delay in letting you know the results from my wrap at the workshop. I really noticed that my handles (that poochy fat that I can’t seem to tell if it’s a part of my butt or an extension of my back) have definitely been reduced. I especially noticed it in some jeans, you know, with extra room in them. I still feel as though it’s stayed that way. It’s amazing!

Please let me tell you about my experience in massage cupping! I have a client who was in a severe car accident about 30 years ago. He had incredible injuries to his spine and internal organs which included a good bit of paralysis of his colon. Most of the time he has to physically manipulate the feces from his rectum. I did massage cupping on the areas he particularly showed me that he had discomfort (he’s very in tune with his body and feelings). Afterwards, he man left my table to go directly to the bathroom and defecated for 30 minutes!

His wife was next and she had injured her knee. I only did a bit of cupping around her knee, but that source led me to her hip, around the periformis, of the same side. I actually parked it there for a few minutes when she said she could feel it in her knee. Lo and behold, yet ANOTHER success story! When she got up, her knee was less swollen plus she could walk with no limp. Now I’m ready to try it on my fibromyalgia clients!

The workshop was fantastic, and I’m waiting for the Massage Cupping 2 workshop!”

– B.S. LMBT (Ocean Isle, SC)