January ACE Massage Cupping Therapy Classes

Winter 2018 is in full effect here in North America. Our educators are braving the cold to hold some fantastic classes this January. For more information on each class, click the links below.

January ACE Cupping Therapy Classes

  • Metairie, LA

    Level 1 ACE Massage Cupping™ with Annie Garic

    January 13 - January 15
  • Metairie, LA

    ACE Massage Cupping™ - 2 Day with Annie Garic

    January 13 - January 14
  • Parsippany, NJ

    Level 1 ACE Massage Cupping Basic Training with William F. Burton Jr.

    January 20 - January 21
  • Leixlip, Kildare, Ireland

    Level 1 ACE Massage Cupping™  with Martina Connolly.

    January 26 - January 28
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