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Upcoming ACE Massage Cupping Workshops: June 14 – 20

This week’s class features a Level 1 ACE Massage Cupping workshop in Dover, DE with William Burton. Discover the benefits of this ancient practice at one of the 100+ ACE Massage Cupping™ workshops across the US, Canada, Europe, and South Africa. To check out the full ACE

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Upcoming ACE Massage Cupping Workshops: May 3rd – 9th

  Don’t let the spring rain showers keep you from attending one of our hands-on classes! Discover the benefits of this ancient practice at one of the 100+ ACE Massage Cupping™ workshops across the US, Canada, Europe, and South Africa. This week features an ACE Vacutherapies Institute workshop with Anita

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Upcoming Event: AMTA New Hampshire Chapter Annual Meeting and Education Weekend

  Massage therapy professionals hoping to brush up on their skills shouldn’t miss the AMTA New Hampshire Chapter’s Annual Meeting and Education Weekend. Running from April 17-19, this event is being held in Nashua, NH. ACE will be holding a special ACE Vautherapies™ Level 2 class with Anita

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ACE Massage Cupping™ Workshops This Weekend, March 6th – 8th

Improve your skill set and upgrade your practice by attending an ACE Massage Cupping™ workshop in your area this weekend. This weekend’s features Anita J. Shannon’s Level 1 MediCupping™ class in Asheville, North Carolina, and Beth-ellen Zang’s Lymphatic Balancing / ACE Massage Cupping Intensive™ class in Sedona,

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Lymph Drainage with the MC-600

Twice a month, one of the ACE Massage Cupping™ Educators will be tackling a question submitted to us by a cupping therapy practitioner. Our question this month comes from J.O, on the topic of lymphatic drainage using the MC-600 MediCupping Therapy Machine. To gain access to today’s answer, and the rest of the Clinical Question &

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MediCupping™ – CAM Applications for VacuTherapies™ in Massage & Bodywork

Therapists who have explored the use of vacuum therapies in bodywork have found that the addition of suction and lifting to other massage techniques has produced radical changes for clients and for themselves. One of the most amazing aspects of this technique is the “separation” that the vacuum produces in tissue layers. This enables water absorption and renewed blood flow to undernourished and dehydrated tissue as well as the elimination of old waste and congestion. It has become evident that separation and drainage of fused, congested soft tissue produces an increase in tissue and systemic function and is a great catalyst for change in health.

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“Solid Bloat” – What If We’re Not Fat?

An unrecognized pathological condition is affecting a large segment of the population and could be a key component of disease and degeneration, allergies and addictions, as well as obesity and toxicity. The condition is “Solid Bloat” and often manifests as weight gain or cellulite, and can eventually lead to serious health issues. Working with vacuum therapies not only effectively assists in eliminating years of Solid Bloat accumulation, it also provides information about the cause and nature of the condition.

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