MediCupping Therapy – VacuTherapies for Healthcare Practitioners


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This DVD is now available as a full online course at our sister site, ACE Institute Online! The price includes your $40 exam certification fee. As a result, we are no longer selling training DVDs directly on our website.

If you would prefer to purchase a DVD version instead of the online course, please call us directly at 828-232-1622.

Disc 1
Athletic Performance Enhancement and the Magnet Dance

A comprehensive overview of the history and the applications of VacuTherapies™ including benefits, evaluation criteria, pathologies, conta-indications, and safety. This video features a review of the basic movements and techniques, with complete treatments for each area of the body. A special section on magnet theory and applications is integrated into the presentation, with demonstration of techniques using the Magnetic Micro-Cup Set as part of Medicupping™ treatments.

Disc 2
Body Contouring and Detoxification

This video presents the dramatic benefits of VacuTherapies™ for body contouring, detoxification, and much more. Explore the roles of inflammation, dehydration, and stagnation in creating “solid bloat” and the techniques that are effective in changing tissue tone, body shape, and general health. A profound approach to wellness for clients and practitioners alike!

Total run time of 167 minutes.

Important: The shipped DVD will include a password to download the CE Form & Handout for this video. You may reach the downloads section by going to information and then downloads on the main menu, or by visiting

12 CE Credits Available for a Minimal Fee

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