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Portable Quartz UVC Sterilization Tote Bag w/ Timer – Extra Large


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This is the ultimate product for disinfecting tools and equipment. Great for use in the office or on the go! You’ll especially love this case because it can fit our machine plus the cups and hoses. This allows you to easily disinfect all of your equipment in-between uses, even the machine! In addition, this bag may be used as a portable case to carry your MC-600 or MM-600 VacuTherapy machine and accessories while on the go. We’ve found this case’s extra large capacity to be the perfect size that many of us need for our VacuTherapy machines and equipment.

Please remember that UVC will disinfect through clear items, but it will only disinfect the surface on opaque items. For a thorough cleaning of tools and equipment, pre-clean with PureGreen24 prior to the UVC disinfection process.


  • 110V/6W
  • Features a pure and powerful 7-inch quartz mercury UVC light
  • Ozone-free
  • Case size 15.7″ × 8″ × 11.8″ inches
  • Timer: 5 / 15 / 30 minutes with automatic shut off
  • Cord length: 130 cm (4.3 ft.)
  • May be collapsed into a very compact footprint when not in use

How to use UVC cases

  1. Put the object in the case
  2. Close the tote so light is not exposed
  3. Plug the power cord into an outlet and turn on the switch

Warning: The light from this bulb can cause harm to eyes and skin, do not look at the working UVC bulb. People, pets, and plants cannot be exposed to UVC light. Close the top of the bag prior to turning on the device.

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