ATTENTION: This page is no longer up to date! 

ACE is proud to announce the launch of our brand new Google Maps-powered Practitioner Locator. Click the link below to be taken to our upgraded list of local cupping therapy practitioners.

Find a Practitioner in Your Area

For your convenience in finding an ACE  Massage Cupping ™ & MediCupping™ practitioner in your area, all practitioners are sorted by zip code.

Code Key
MC-W – 
ACE Massage Cupping™ Workshop Level I
ACE Massage Cupping™ DVD Level I
MD-W – 
MediCupping™ Workshop Level I
MediCupping™ DVD Level I
L2-W – 
VacuTherapies™ Workshop Level 2

City Practitioner Telephone # License # Zip Type
Eliot Mary Remick 207-332-1603 MT 701 03903 MC-W
Biddeford Maureen Glidden 207-468-2205 MT2124 04005 MC-W
Kennebunk Holly Dee 207-205-2771 MT 2133 04043 MC-W
Portland Colleen O’Grady 207-772-9877   04103 MC-W,L2W
Lewiston Nancy Callahan 207-212-3305 MT 2482 04240 MC-W
Levant Brooke S. McDonald 207-266-7538 MT 3472 04456 MC-DVD
Rockland Amy Mitchell 207-691-7490 MT 1856 04841 MC-W
Kennebunk Rachel Pelletier 207-590-7151 MT1982   MC-W
Houlton Shirley Armitage 207-423-0985 1162 / 6740   MC-DVD
City Practitioner Telephone # License # Zip Type