ATTENTION: This page is no longer up to date! 

ACE is proud to announce the launch of our brand new Google Maps-powered Practitioner Locator. Click the link below to be taken to our upgraded list of local cupping therapy practitioners.

Find a Practitioner in Your Area

For your convenience in finding an ACE  Massage Cupping ™ & MediCupping™ practitioner in your area, all practitioners are sorted by zip code.

Code Key
MC-W – 
ACE Massage Cupping™ Workshop Level I
ACE Massage Cupping™ DVD Level I
MD-W – 
MediCupping™ Workshop Level I
MediCupping™ DVD Level I
L2-W – 
VacuTherapies™ Workshop Level 2

City Practitioner Telephone # License # Zip Type
Wilmington April Sarver 302-559-0787 MT 0003443 19711 MC-W
New Castle Pamela Barnes 302-383-6255 19720 MC-W
Wilmington Glenda Tyler 302-354-2146 19801 MC-W
Wilmington Donna Nicole Walter 302-691-7806 MT 0003622 19802 MC-W
Wilmington Karin Ryan Hampton 610-357-2925 MT 0002273 19809 MC-W
Wilmington Julie A Buzzelli 818-957-2185 19809 MC-W
Wilmington Vince Lanzendorfer 302-373-2961 MT 0003189 19809 MC-W
City Practitioner Telephone # License # Zip Type