Upcoming Cupping Therapy Workshops this Fall

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Fall Cupping Therapy Classes

In nature, fall is a time of change. The leaves turn different colors and begin to fall to the ground, the temperatures begin to cool in preparation for winter. Keeping with the theme of change, let our revolutionary approach to Cupping Therapy transform your practice by attending one of our in-person Cupping Therapy workshops held throughout the U.S.

This fall, we’ll be holding classes in exotic locations such as Maui and Trinidad, as well as busy cities such as Portland and Chicago. Our Certified Massage Cupping Educators will also be attending national conferences and conventions in September and November

For more info on any of our in-person workshops or conventions, click the links below.

September Cupping Therapy Classes

There are no upcoming events.

October Cupping Therapy Classes

There are no upcoming events.

November Cupping Therapy Classes

There are no upcoming events.

December Cupping Therapy Classes

There are no upcoming events.



10 responses to “Upcoming Cupping Therapy Workshops this Fall”

  1. zhouxa

    when will the next workshop in dallas tx,? thanks.

    1. Hi Zhouxa,

      At this time we do not yet have our 2018 calendar finalized, so I’m unable to tell you exactly when we’ll be back in Texas.

  2. Shushanna

    Looking for a level 2 Medicupping workshop in Florida. Do u have plans for one? Stacy N said last year that there might be one august 2017 but there was not. Please advise.

  3. Rose Carlino

    when will you have classes in chicago Il.

  4. Mary Ann Testa

    Will you have Medicupping in Chicago or Milwaukee region?

    1. Hi Mary Ann,

      Our next Chicago workshops is listed above in the page. The direct link is https://massagecupping.com/workshop/chicago-il-2/

  5. Wendy

    Do you have any cupping class in Vermont? I would be interested in level 1.

  6. Tina

    What is the best class if you have taken another intro cupping class? I have been using silicone cups for awhile ….

    1. Hi Tina,

      You may enjoy an intro course in MediCupping actually. It really approaches cupping in a different way than the manual cups. Alternatively, an ACE Massage Cupping level 2 class would be a good next step.