Three ACE Massage Cupping™ Workshops Being Held This Weekend

Improve your skill set and upgrade your practice by attending an ACE Massage Cupping™ workshop in your area this weekend.

This weekend’s schedule includes three Level 1 ACE Massage Cupping workshops being held in France, Virginia, and California. The full details for each class is listed below.

21–22 Graveson, France Level 1 ACE Massage Cupping™ Doug E. Rasmusson Email 33(0)6-22-84-43-86
21–23 Rancho Cucamonga, CA Level 1 ACE Massage Cupping™ Randy Heaps Website 909-489-9844

To check out the full ACE Massage Cupping™ workshop schedule, or to learn more about what each class entails, visit our Workshop Schedule page.