Care Instructions for MC-600

To care for your MC-600 machine, clean it and wipe the hoses with an antimicrobial cleaner and damp cloth or disinfecting wipe. *Do not use alcohol or bleach based products or wipes, since it will cause the case to crack and switches to stick.

There are many wipes and disinfectants on the market and we have seen the damage that alcohol and bleach based products can do when used on the MC-600. These ingredients break down the plastic and can affect the integrity and appearance of the case, switches, tubes and plastic cups.

Other ingredients, such as alkyl dimethyl ethylbenzyl ammonium chloride and benzalkonium chloride, are common in alcohol and bleach free products, but can present a myriad of health concerns including potential respiratory issues, decreased immunological response and general systemic and organ effects. We do not yet know the effects of these chemicals on the plastic of the MC-600 case, switches and tubes.

We have had excellent results with Seventh Generation™ Disinfecting Wipes for the machine and Benefect™ for sanitizing cups. We also can simply wash the cups in soap and water and wipe with the Seventh Generation wipes. Seventh Generation™ products are available at many grocery stores and health food markets, and we also suggest looking into membership in the Frontier Co-op to purchase this and other necessary paper and cleaning products at a great discount price … good green products that are safe for you and your customers.

Benefect™ is available through some massage supply companies, such as Massage Warehouse in the USA and One Concept in Canada.

Roller Cups- These cups are included as abonus with your MC-600, and experience has now shown us that these accessories may present a sanitation issue. Due to the structure of the unit, skin cells can accumulate inside the cup base and create a breeding ground for bacteria. We love them for personal use, but have ceased using them for clients. We are looking for other roller cups that can be sanitized.

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One response to “Care Instructions for MC-600”

  1. Ellen

    Did you find a replacement for the roller cups that can be sanitized?