Instructor: Anita Shannon
To Register for an ACE Massage Cupping™ Level 1 workshop please visit the workshops section of our online store or call 828-232-16522. For your convenience all additional workshops with Anita Shannon are listed in our Massage Cupping™ Store.

This three-day workshop will build on the foundation forged by the Level I workshops that we have offered nationally since 2001. While Level I focuses on learning the technique, movements, applications and safety, Level II will take this knowledge and build upon it to position the practitioner “within the treatment cup.” As is the tradition in our workshops, students will experience intensive hands-on exposure to the techniques that are presented.

The Level II workshops are a fusion of approaches, using the Massage Cupping™ bodywork techniques and concepts to create individual protocols for clients with specific conditions. Special attention will be dedicated to the lymphatic system due to the intensive tissue dredging that characterizes the Massage Cupping™ bodywork technique.

Participants will present a case synopsis of either a single or a group client study devoted to a particular health imbalance or condition.

Case synopsis suggestions:

[unordered_list style=”green-dot”]
  • SOAP notes
  • Treatment diagrams
  • Client comments and testimonials
  • Photographic documentation
  • Practitioner observation
  • Client feedback notes

Students: Please download this preparation guide for your workshop
->   Level2WorkshopPrep

(Please Note: These forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Visit to download the latest version compatible with your computer)